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Bad Poetry Day.

by ►CubaGallery

I love celebrating silly holidays.  Today is bad poetry day.  Since I have always loved silly poems, I had to participate.  Silly rhyming poems that remind me of Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Kenn Nesbitt and other children’s writers are my favorites.  Here’s  a silly one for fun:

Today was a very good day

In fact it was the best

I only had to go to work

We had no quiz or test


The sun was shining all day long

We didn’t have one cloud

The radio played a lively tune

The laughter was good and loud


Dinner was a great big feast

Followed by a chocolate treat

Afterward I turned on the TV

Sat back and put up my feet


It really is amazing

How easy it can be

To have a really good day

Just by being me


Now go have fun and write some bad poetry of your own.  Have a great day!


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by Bookt.com

We all have those days (and weeks) when it just seems that work is totally overwhelming. Stacks of paperwork, ringing phones, endless emails, and continuous complications.  Days when nothing you touch is simple.

Those are the times when it’s a relief to admit it – work sucks! It’s confusing and frustrating, tedious and monotonous, and takes up every minute of your day.  Days when you sit in your little cubicle making phone calls and correcting mistakes and never even see the sun.

It’s good to admit that work isn’t always the “love your job and your career” utopia that some people enjoy. It can be a grind.  It’s a headache making, tiring whirlwind of forms, deadlines, and overflowing in-baskets.  Weeks when it’s seems your to-do list has been hit by a growth-ray of evil scientist proportions!

Luckily, a little venting goes a long ways.  Just knowing you’re not alone, that other people feel the same way can help.  Grumbling with your coworkers, as long as stays within reason, can help you feel like someone else appreciates the pressure you’re under.

A good old fashioned listing of your blessings never hurt either. All the reasons why you have this job in the first place.  Some of mine include:

  • It’s close to the house – within 5 miles.
  • It has great vacation time and a flexible schedule
  • The pay is good and so is the healthcare
  • It’s helping to finance my passions – music, drawing, movies, books, etc.
  • I get a steady set paycheck each week which helps me set a budget
  • I get satisfaction from helping other people by getting them what they’re entitled to

Your list doesn’t have to be spectacular – especially in this economy.  Everyone is different.  It just helps to know that there is some good in your job, even when it’s so taxing that you think about work in your off time.

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the chance to be creative and silly for absolutely no reason at all.  And of course all that chocolate and candy doesn’t hurt one bit either.


Halloween is only 5 short days away.  This year we get a full weekend celebration.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  In anticipation of the big event, this Friday will be Frankenstein Friday.


Created in 1997, it celebrates the creation of Frankenstein and all his many incarnations since.  From mama Mary Shelley who wrote the original novel, to papa Boris Karloff who began the classic Frank stein character.


How do you celebrate such a day?  Any way you want.  Watch some Frankenstein themed movies with popcorn and dimmed lights –sure to give you the willies.  Get a door hanging and play pin the tail on Frankie.  Draw a picture of the big green guy, or make Frankenstein cupcakes with green frosting and a candy face.


You can scare yourself silly by reading Dean Koontz’s version of the modern day Frankenstein – a 4 part series.  Have a good laugh by watching one of my old favorites Young Frankenstein.  Get out some face paint and do your best rendition of the his big mug.


Whatever you do have a good time.  Halloween is a time for playfulness and fun, and this year we’ve been blessed with good weather and a long weekend to celebrate.   Enjoy!


Picture by bob canada

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Cute.Cumber by HaMeD!caL

Today see if you can relax as completely as this sweet little cucumber. Lie back, put up your feet and dream a little dream. If you can relax your body and mind this completely you know it’s been a good day.

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Sick of Winter.

Sick and tired of snow yet?  Is this a case of winter blues?  Seems cabin fever really got to this guy.  Or maybe someone was just really, really, bored.  🙂

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HP Theme Park

Harry Potter theme park sign by Jonathan D. Bloom

Universal Orlando recently released some information about their upcoming new theme park – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  For Harry Potter fans young and old, this will be a fantasy land like no other, it’s sure to be a hit!  Full of the all the charm and whimsy of the book, this attraction is set to open in Spring 2010.


You will enter through the magnificent gates into the grandeur of Hogsmeade Village.  Once inside you will be shut off from the outside world as you are greeted by the  signature whistle and the sight of the Hogwarts Express.  Many of the favorite shops and pubs from the story are recreated here in all their medieval glory.

There will be eateries featuring food from the books, favorites such as Butterbeer or pumpkin juice at the Three Broomsticks, and sweets like chocolate frogs or Bernie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans at Honeydukes.  Shop at Ollivander’s for your own personal wand, or stop in Dervish and Bangs for Quidditch equipment and Triwizard souvenirs. Try Zonko’s joke shop for a bit of Weasely-inspired zaniness!

Luna with glasses

The Dragon Challenge will be a twin high-speed roller coaster with elements from the story.  The Flight of the Hippogriff is a family coaster simulating a flight over the school grounds.  There is also a recreation of Hogwarts Castle.  Here everyone, whether Gryffindor or Slytherin, will be welcome.  Visit the cozy common rooms, or the great feasting hall.  Every sight and sound will immerse you into the magical world of Harry Potter and his friends.

For a unique vacation you won’t soon forget, try traveling into another world.  For more information, visit the web site at Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and be sure to check out the “First look” video at the site.  I can’t wait!!!

For other great Harry Potter fun, check out the fabulous web site at Muggle Net.com.  Read up on the latest news, view gallery photos, play games and learn about the World of Hogwarts.  See you soon!

P.S.  Stop by my other web site Fun Spirit for a funny look at “How to Deal With Harry Potter Haters.”

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A strange tree by SFB579

Many are the days when one thing or another goes wrong. Traffic is unexpectedly slow, we miss an important phone call due to a meeting that ran late, or in our hurry to get ready for work, we forgot to grab something for lunch.

Life isn’t a TV show. Families sometimes offend you or say hurtful things.  Friends may forget to call or fail to stay in touch.  There may not be a funny side to being late for work or getting caught in the rain.

There’s no instruction book for life.  Sometimes it can be a jumbled, confusing mess. Things won’t always work out smoothly.  Your picnic might be filled with ants; your vacation could be canceled.  You might need to spend money at the dentist instead of purchasing the new TV you wanted.

That’s why it’s such a relief to recognize and accept the imperfection.  To understand that things aren’t always going to work out the way we planned. So it’s totally okay to feel angry, agitated or confused when our orderly lives suddenly fall apart.  It’s normal to feel upset when our plans get disrupted.

What can we do to make these tough times easier to bear? How do we move past our exasperation and frustration when all our preparation amounts to nothing or we can’t control the actions of people around us?  Here are a few ideas:

1.  Attitude. Our attitude is the number one thing under our control.  It is one of the easiest things to work on because it relies entirely on us.  We need to pay attention to our thoughts.  If begin that negative cycle of thoughts “This always happens to me,” or “My life sucks,” we can stop ourselves before this pattern of thinking adds to our problems.

It’s also good to refocus our attention.  There are a variety of ways.  We can close our eyes and take a few deep breaths, take a walk, put on some music, do an easier, mundane task for a while, or anything else that will put our mind in a calmer, more positive place.  It’s a good idea to make a list of these activities to have them ready when you need it.

2.  Stop rushing. Many of our problems in life come from trying to do too much at one time.  TV, magazines, and other organizational experts lead many of us to believe that we should be able to accomplish multiple things at once, with little to no loss of quality.

This is just simply not true.  The best way to have good quality is to focus on doing one thing at a time.  Slow down.  Keep to-do lists and do the top five things on it.  Get the most important things done and the rest will likely fall into place.

3.  Get help. From your spouse, your coworker, your mom or your best friend.  Turn to your teddy bear, you cuddly cat, or anyone else that will give you some love and support when things are going wrong.  Surprisingly, just that small reassurance that someone else has been through the same problem, or just that people care, can make obstacles seem to shrink into a more manageable size.

4.  Do something fun. It’s surprising how often just a little change can make a huge difference.  Doing something you enjoy, from fishing, kayaking, or bird watching to baking cookies, creating homemade greeting cards or just having a laugh with the girls can lighten the mind and energize the body.  Making time for pleasurable activities can give you the space to discover a new solution – or at least give you the rest your body and mind are craving.

The joy of life is in its imperfection. Roses may have thorns, but that doesn’t make them any less sweet.  The funniest moments are often the most unexpected.  Childbirth is hard and painful, but sometimes the most painful events bring us the greatest growth and satisfaction.

Cherish the love, laughter and good things in life, because when the bad times come, as they always do, those memories are the foundation that holds you up through the wayward storms life sends your way.

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