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As you may already know, April is National Humor Month. I haven’t been feeling quite so happy myself, so I conducted a little research online.  There are loads of fun, playful, humorous people out there if you know where to look.

One of the first things I found was the National Humor Month web site of Steve Wilson. Steve Wilson is a great inspiration for humor.  He is the found of the World Laugher Tour.  The Laughter Tour’s mission is to bring health, happiness and peace through laughter. His Certified Laughter Leader Training is a program for professionals of all walks of life.  Counselors, therapists, corporation CEO’s, anyone would wants to use the positive benefits of laughter in their life. 

Another great hero of the ha-ha is Dr. Madan Kataria or Dr. K.  He is the founder of the sensational Laughter Yoga. Based in India, this giggling guru teaches us all to let our laughter fly. His laughter clubs have spread throughout the world and have been featured on several TV shows and magazines.  Laughter clubs are free for anyone to join, and if you have a lack of laughter in your life, joining with other funny folks can help you reconnect to the joy and passion of laughing for no reason at all.

Yet another fantastic place is Giggle Poetry.com.  This silly site will have you chuckling in no time. Full of poems from great writers like Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, and others, these witty rhyming romps will have you laughing and singing along.  Try the Battle Hymn of the Repulsive by Michael Bowman (sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic.)  Or try Parent-Teacher Conference by Darren Sardelli.  It will remind you of the ups and downs of school life.  (And maybe make your own job seem just a bit better.)

Check out this article for more ideas to celebrate National Humor Month.  The time is upon you to find your fun.  Get out there and laugh your butt off!

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by Greg Easton Photography

Today is International Fun at Work Day!!!  Take time to celebrate. Check out PlayFair’s great ideas to have fun at work.  If you missed out on the party today – just tell them tomorrow that it’s your make-up day.  There are some more great ideas here and here. There’s lots of ideas – wear a funny shirt, have a dance competition, brighten up your desk with a funny poster, figure out nicknames for your team, or bring your pet to work (in pictures if pets aren’t allowed in the building.)

Of course most of us already know that today is April Fools Day.  Today is also the start of National Humor month.  April 1st is a great day to spring back into humor. Revitalize your laugh box, warm up your humor muscles.

If you have a serious case of Adultitis, you might want to visit Kim and Jason’s Escape Adulthood. If you don’t know what Adultitis is, it’s possible the disease has progressed to terminal seriousness.  Be sure to check out the article “The Office Guide to Adultitis.” Visit your favorites like Michael, Dwight and Stanley to see how they rate on the Adultitis meter.

Many of us plod through our days, busily trying to complete ever-higher piles of paperwork while keeping on blinders on to the sunshine and laughter of the “outside world.”  The problem is that this behavior robs us of joy, fun and creativity during half of our life!  One can’t survive long in a no-fun zone. If the stress doesn’t kill you, you’ll could become a mindless zombie who is as good as dead anyway.

Instead try to incorporate some joy and entertainment in your day. Work hard AND play hard.  Make sure to take your break time.  Turn lunch time into recess.  Visit Recess at Work to find great ideas to celebrate Recess at Work Day on June 17th.  Try to do something fun everyday.  If you have benches outside near a tree, consider putting up a bird feeder.  Buy ice cream bars for a cool afternoon snack.  Bring in fresh flowers or simply dress in all orange for the day.  (Or you could dress in all blue so that whenever anyone asks how you are you can respond “I’m feeling a little blue today.”)

Check out this article to see How Zombies Can Learn to Have Fun. Look at funny pictures at Cute Overload and Awkward Family Photos.  Use today to help keep that unspoken New Year’s resolution to “have more fun this year.”  That’s one resolution that you’ll want to keep.

For a few more ideas try these spots:

Stress less at work.

Pranks for the workplace.

101 Ways to create humor at work.

Note:  So many people find work miserable and unpleasant.  If you can have fun there, you can have fun anywhere!  Good luck!

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I told her a joke by Zanastardust

Browsing around the Internet I came across this title on a greeting card web site.  Attic Salt Greetings has hilarious cards that combine humorous pictures of people with great funny lines.  But the truth is their words “life is too short not to laugh out loud.”

For unknown reasons, I love to laugh and have a good time. I enjoy a good snicker or snort, and I’ve been known to chuckle and giggle at times.  However my favorite expression of enjoyment is a full-out belly laugh!  You know, those kind where you just pray you didn’t just have a drink or eat any food, because you can’t contain the laughter and that milk (or soda) might come shooting out of your nose.

Okay, thankfully that type of bodily loss of control doesn’t happen too often.  But I have definitely had moments where I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. Even better have been those delightfully precious moments where I was bored, sad or angry and some unexpected bit of humor caused me to laugh for 20 minutes straight.  You know what I’m talking about, where the person who’s with you, whether they get the humor or not, starts laughing as well because laughter is so contagious.

We all need all the hilarity we can handle. I myself have been through some tough times lately, where I’ve wondered if there are really any good people left.  I have been hurt by friends and family alike, as well as complete strangers, and it leaves me feeling betrayed, sad and lonely.  After I get past that pain, it makes me angry.  And this is a good anger.  The kind that says “You can’t keep my down.  Life is good even if you’re not, and I’m going to enjoy every gosh-darned precious moment of it! – – So there!”

Laughter is a healer and a rejuvenator. After a good hearty laugh, the world seems lighter and fresher.  You can think again, and hope returns.  You believe that maybe, just maybe, life will be okay once more.

So how can get more of this valuable commodity?  Luckily resources abound.  Here are some of my favorite tips:

  1. Surround yourself with funny. Funny friends, funny books, funny things.  Whether you love comedies like Better Off Dead, The Princess Bride, Office Space, or Sponge Bob Squarepants, or you just like watching World’s Stupidest Criminals on reality TV, there’s always something to make you smile.
  2. Keep a Cheer Box or Funny File. When you find those jokes, cartoons, tips and ideas that inspire you and make you giggle and snicker – keep them.  Put them all together in a box or file so you can easily find it when you need a good laugh.  Add fun toys like a talking Yoda from Star Wars, or bubbles, finger paints and some crayons to create playful masterpieces.
  3. Music is a must. I’ve never met a person that didn’t like some type of music.  Heavy metal, pop favorites, Motown classics, or Radio Disney.  Put on nature sounds like singing birds or ocean waves, or bang your head to some rock n’ roll.  Match the music to your mood.
  4. Research. Whenever you need to find the funny, look for children.  They know all about it.  Ever put a child into their room for punishment and come back to find them having imaginary wars between the stick people and the car people who are battling on Pillow mountain? That kind of zest and fun will motivate you to loosen up and let go.  Don’t be so serious.
  5. Get Funky.  Do something completely silly. Write a love letter that compares your dear one to Snoopy, Garfield or another beloved character.  Use the table to conduct your own drum solo – especially if you’re not a drummer.  Play in the mud, make up your own language or wear polka dot socks with a stripped shirt and shorts.  Use your imagination and have fun.

So what makes you laugh?  One major key to adding humor to your life is finding out what you think is funny.  And no, you don’t need to analyze it to find out why.  Isn’t it enough that it makes you feel good?

Sometimes the only sense you can make out of life is a sense of humor!

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!

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