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(I think this picture says it all! What a great photo!) Reading a book Uploaded on September 19, 2007 by Merge Merlin Buebynie


I was so impressed by the idea of being insanely interested in something, as suggested by Jarkko Laine; it’s been on my mind ever since I first heard about the idea. I have now figured out my passion – I am insanely interested in reading! Not only do I read anywhere from 1 – 5 books a week, but I also pick up magazines in waiting rooms and checkout lines to read interesting articles.

I’ve been known to sit in the bookstore for at two hours just to browse through a book or magazine I’m interested in. I never have enough money for everything I want to read – there are so many amazing authors out there! So a library card is a necessity for me. And I absolutely love to share my joy with anyone who’ll listen to me for more than five minutes.

I’ve been reading since my Dr. Seuss days, and he’s still one of my favorites. I read fantasy, horror, children’s books, pre-history, biographies, self-help and suspense just to name a few. I love children’s authors Bruce Coville, Darren Shan, Jonathan Stroud, Eoin Colfer and J.K. Rowling among several other favorites. I adore Dean Koontz, James Rollins, Barb & J.C. Hendee, Kelly Armstrong, Kathleen & W. Michael Gear as well as many other adult authors.

I love how self-help books save me the time in thinking up new ways to solve my cluttered closets, birthday party ideas and give me new recipes. I am captivated by vampires, aliens, and otherworldly creatures. Intrigued by success stories in various biographies, and enthralled with humor writers like Barbara Johnson, Loretta LaRoche and Erma Bombeck.

Reading is exciting, funny, absorbing and creative. It is entertaining and enlightening, fascinating and instructive, and never, ever, boring. So if you are the slightest bit interested by the thought of a murder mystery, tips on winning your next poker game or just want to learn more about your favorite celebrity, visit your local bookstore or library today. You just might get hooked on a brand-new hobby. Try it today!

P.S. Thanks Jarkko, for mentioning me on your site, it’s an honor and really made my day! :0)



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Smile File: Leaf pile!

Leaf pile
I Rule the Autumn! Uploaded on November 7, 2005 by thesullys

Imagine having ideas fall from the sky as readily as dying leaves in the autumn wind. Ideas of every color, shape and size. Some gently whirling, floating gently down to earth. Others in a great gust, too many to count as once so that you’re sent scrambling for paper and pen before they are gone!

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Laughing Uploaded on May 29, 2006 by a4gpa

“Children motivate me most of all to be kind. When a child is nice to you, it’s straight from the heart and without hidden agendas. I feel if everyone would always be kind to children they would all grow up to be kind adults and what a world that would be!” –Nativtxn

What a wonderful idea! Imagine if all of us treated children with respect, understanding and love. Think of the type of adults we would have if we all listened to our children, said yes more often, took interest in their views and helped them explore the world around them.

Instead of telling them “That won’t work,” or ‘That’s stupid,” we could say “Give it a try,” and “What a unique idea.” Children have some of the most unique ideas ever – what if we didn’t belittle those ideas and instead encouraged more use of their imagination. What kind of a world would we have?

Let’s practice being more young at heart – being more open, more affectionate, forgiving more easily and ready to try something new. How fantastic to see the brighter side and possibilities of life so readily. With a child-like attitude we could change our world drastically in a few short years.

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Lessons from TV.

My Dan E. Boy watching TV! Uploaded on July 21, 2005 by Lorri37


So many people bemoan television, declaring that it stifles creativity, encourages stereotypes and leads to laziness in mind and body. Since I’m often inspired, entertained and educated by television, I thought I’d share a few things it has taught me:

  1. Home repairs are easier than you think and can be learned with a little effort.
  2. A good meal may take extra work, but the taste and satisfaction of doing it well are worth it.
  3. Pets and children are often the source of unexpected laughter. Their playfulness is contagious.
  4. Even if you don’t have money to travel to a new country, there is excitement, adventure, and captivating places near every city or town in the U.S. All you need is to look around.
  5. Every person you meet has at least one compelling story to tell. Find out what it is. Both of you will enjoy it.
  6. Engineering and scientific exploration are much more enthralling and stimulating in real life than they are in books.
  7. The various creatures that inhabit this earth are beautiful, fascinating, and worth preserving.
  8. The world of science is infinitely more complex, magnificent and intriguing than what we learned in school.


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Send in the clowns.

Clown Uploaded on July 9, 2007 by mrmanc

Aren’t clowns great?  They’re so silly and playful, and their sole job is to make you laugh.  Except for the unlucky few who fear them, clowns are a source of joy and fun.  Recently I found a new use for clowns – to combat fear and hatred.  Check out this amazing article by Bernie Dekoven.  See how the power of clowning around defeated the KKK.  Amazing.  Be sure to read the main article here.

One last thing – why are so many people frightened by happiness and fun?  During the weekend I read several comments on different blogs where the remarks were vicious, confrontational and angry.  I understand a bit of disagreement and argument, but I wonder why the idea of fighting bigots and hate-mongers with laughter instead of anger is so heartily rejected?  What do you think?



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Yeah right.  Who am I kidding?  I get hurt by things people say all the time.  So I’m trying to devise a few ways to cope.  I admit I can be overly sensitive.  Not all the time, but enough that it causes those crazy flare-ups of instant anger instead of a calm rational response.  So here are a few ideas to change that:

  1. Pretend they are talking about someone else.  When the criticism is unwarranted, or if you’re just feeling vulnerable, hear someone else’s name when you are being criticized.  It can be someone you hate or just another friend or family member.  This works because most of us are more understanding and forgiving with other people than with ourselves.  This takes the sting out and let’s you evaluate whether it has merit.
  2. Listen.  Don’t respond; just listen to what they are saying.  Give yourself five minutes or so to take it in and come up with a reply.  No one said you have to answer every rebuke right away.
  3. Give it a pass.  If someone says something highly negative and it is out of character or out of context, it may be something else is upsetting them.  Let this one slide or laugh it off.  You can always get mad later if they keep complaining.
  4. Armor yourself.  Imagine yourself in shining silver armor like a knight.  See the criticism bouncing off you and being destroyed.  It seems a bit silly, but then taking everything someone says to heart is a bit silly too.
  5. See a great mentor.  When someone is displeased with you, imagine them being a mentor you’d like to have; the Dali Lama, Mother Teresa, or Jesus.  Then judge how you’d respond if they were the ones talking to you.  This will at least help you clamp down on those instant anger outbursts and help you keep your composure.

None of these methods are foolproof – I should know, I’m the fool who’s tried every one of them at least once.  It’s worth a little effort and practice though to overcome those knee-jerk responses.  If you’re one of the lucky few who don’t get steamed by rude remarks, or you enjoy verbal sparring – congratulations.  The rest us could use a few more pointers, care to share?

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Poodle in a poodle skirt Uploaded on October 22, 2006 by mockstar

“If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don’t hoard it. Don’t dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke.”
Brendan Francis

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