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Making Music by nyki_m

We all have weird and unique, hobbies, interests or talents.  I have recently been reminded how fun it is to indulge in them. And how fulfilling it can be.  Our passions – those activities that feed our joy and happiness, are vital to our wellbeing.  No matter what others think, you need to pursue your passions to give excitement and satisfaction to your life.

Whether you love riding ATV’s through the mud, studying poetry, dancing, singing, or using your belly as a bongo drum, it is important to do things you enjoy. Just as some people love country music, and some love rock, we all like to do different things.  While classical music could be viewed as an alien form of torture to a hip-hop fan, to the right person it is an uplifting, mood-enhancing pastime full of emotion and beauty.

Be yourself.  Don’t change to fit someone else’s idea of you. If you’re a woman who loves power saws and wood working – go for it.  If you’re a man who loves drawing and sculpture, join a class with like-minded souls.  Step away from fear.  Fear of embarrassment that people think you’re silly.  Fear of failure because you’re not skilled at your task.  If it makes you happy – then go for it!

Not sure what your passions are?  Google some ideas on the Internet, or go to the local library and browse some books.  When you find something that peaks your interest try it.  By yourself.  Don’t have any family or even friends there to influence you.  If it makes you smile, laugh or motivates you to do more, you’ll know you’ve found a new calling.

One of my greatest dreams is to write for a big greeting card company like Hallmark.  While that may never happen, I do still love both writing and greeting cards.  I love to visit the Hallmark web site to see all the great cards they have and to visit some favorite characters like Maxine and Hoops & Yoyo.  I also love to make up my own greeting cards for family and friends.  I love rhymes so most of mine are like that.  They are often silly and not too great, but they enjoy the personalized gift, and I enjoy the process of creation.

Here’s a quick sample:

With a flick of the wand
And a swish of his cloak
Girls giggled and swooned
Over that Harry Potter bloke
He works with Dumbledore
To catch You-Know-Who
His friends Ron and Hermione
Stand by him too
He’s dashing and clever
And oh so smart
That black-haired rascal
Captured many a heart
Snape creeps along
And Malfoy sneers too
Keep your eyes peeled
And watch what they do
Sad and exciting
What a tale to tell
I sure hope in the end
It all turns out well!

Silly yes, but I’m sure a few of my friends will enjoy the fun of the film and a silly poem to boot.  :0)  I may not be great, but it’s still fun and that’s what counts.

There is great happiness in doing what you love. If you can’t do it for money, you can certainly do it for fun.  When times are tough, say financial difficulties, a lost job, family illness or other problem is when you need the comfort and mood-boosting effects of your passions the most.  Even 10-20 minutes a day can help – heck even 5 minutes of music during a stressful day at work can turn your frown upside down.

Be your weird, strange, unusual kooky self.  It’s okay to love Audrey Hepburn – even if you’re only twenty years old.  Go ahead and be the only history buff at work.  Feel free to advise friends of the benefits of digging in the dirt for semi-precious gems.  Go ahead and build 25 custom-made birdhouses for your backyard.  You’ll love it, and it’ll make you happy.  When you’re happy so are those around you.  Remember your positive attitude may just rub off on the rest of the world.  Isn’t that a beautiful benefit of being yourself?


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