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I love the Blues Brothers movie.  It’s a classic that I watch over and over again. The entire movie is so fun and makes you want to get up and dance.  One of my favorite scenes is when they go the music store to buy some instruments and gear.  Ray Charles starts playing the old beat-up piano to show them it still works.

It’s so fun to see all those people of different ages dancing in the street. I love all the cool dance moves like The Bird, The Fly, and The Monkey.  Plus the old standby The Twist.  I love how everyone is letting loose and having fun.  An old man in the back, some more energetic adults in the middle and little kids up front.  It really makes you want to get up and boogie!  I have a Blues Brothers music CD and whenever I hear that song I think of this scene.  It always makes me smile.

The best part is “shaking your tailfeather.”  If you want to have some real fun dancing, just wiggle your butt around like this move suggests, and you can’t help but laugh! If anyone out there knows where you can find an oldie site that shows you all those old dance moves like the Mashed Potato let me know.  I found one entry under Wikipedia for “Shake a Tailfeather,” but I’m sure video of the moves would be better.

If you get the chance you should go shake your tailfeather today.  I’m sure you’ll have fun if you do.


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While cruising the Internet I found a few sites that listed uplifting and positive movies. Of course, many had different views of what a feel-good movie is. So, I put together a few of my favorites that were inspiring, and heart-warming or just fun and unusual. I’m sure I’m missing lots of great ones – what are your favorites?

pay-it-forward.jpgPay It Forward (2000) – One person can change the world. Shows how a simple homework assignment can change the lives of many people. See the power of kindness and generosity overcome pain and hardship. Watch it ripple across the lives of many different people. Touching and hopeful.

a-little-princess.jpgA Little Princess (1995) – one little’s girl adventures as she is sent to live in a boarding home while her father goes to war. The wonder and imagination of childhood shines through in this beautiful movie. “Don’t you know that every little girl is a princess?”

it-could-happen-to-you.jpgIt Could Happen to You (1994) – Take one honest cop and one lucky waitress and combine a winning lotto ticket for an amazing chance anyone would jump at. Interesting and playful with a happy ending.

big-fish.jpgBig Fish – a whimsical film about a son’s visit to his dying father. Watch as he unravels the truth behind his father’s lifetime of tall tales.

forrest-gump.jpgForrest Gump – our favorite simpleton with the heart of gold. A sweet and wonderful story about making the best out of what life gives you. Funny and inspiring.

second-hand-lions.jpgSecond Hand Lions (2003) – Young Walter is left by his mother with his two eccentric great uncles while she straightens out her life. Walter soon wins their trust and affection as they regal him with stories of their adventurous youth.

Unusual picks:

  • Star Wars (1977 -2005) – the power of good over evil, the beauty and vastness of space and the energy of the force.
  • Lord of The Rings (2001 -2003) – good versus evil, breath-taking scenery, magic, and some of the best costume/character design ever. Shows how everyone has the ability to do great things – even the smallest person can triumph with perseverance and determination.
  • The Green Mile (1999) – This is a great tale of a simple man who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. A good lesson in how not to judge people by their appearance. Very moving.
  • Little Miss Sunshine (2006). The importance of family shines through in this comedy about a dysfunctional family who take their young daughter on a cross-country trip to participate in a beauty pageant final competition.
  • Phenomenon (1996). John Travolta stars as a man who sees a bright light in sky and awakens to find he has super-intelligence and other special powers. Lovely movie about the human potential.

Check out these sites for a few other ideas:

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Songs that make you feel good.

I love fun songs and videos.  I was playing around on You Tube the other day and found some funny videos and happy songs.  I wanted to share them with you for a good laugh.  Hope you like them.  :0)

You are my sunshine (Anne Murray)


What have you done today to make you feel proud?  (Proud by Heather Small. What a great voice!  This song makes you feel ready to take on the world.)




EBay song by Weird Al Yankovic (one of my favorite fun people).  This is cute video to go with the song.  Check it out – it’ll really make you laugh!



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