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One of the benefits of a gratitude journal is that it helps you keep track of funny things, happy occasions and memories you want to keep. Here are some of the best moments from last week:
• Seeing a tiny baby bunny in the grass by the woods in the early morning.
• Watching fireflies glowing in the evening. It looks like my own personal 4th of July every night.
• Finishing some assignments that had been looming over me for the past month.
• Meditating for 20 minutes when I felt irritable and moody and feeling energized and calm after the meditation.
• Finding a used book I was looking for. Bonus – it was only $1.00.
• Finding a hilarious Hoops & Yoyo talking toy at the flea market. So fun to play with when you need a laugh.
• Having a coworker help me laugh my way into a better mood.
• Picked delicious red ripe raspberries for raspberry shortcake and vanilla ice cream.
• Having a good talk with my father for Fathers Day since he lives in another state.
• Wrote a fun birthday poem for a coworker. Had fun being a little creative.

Although there were lots of things that I didn’t get accomplished. (Like writing a blog article), and I didn’t complete my to-do list, I feel very good about this week. The key is to pay attention to the good things that happen. Writing a gratitude list helps you do that.
What were your best moments this week?


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