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As you may already know, April is National Humor Month. I haven’t been feeling quite so happy myself, so I conducted a little research online.  There are loads of fun, playful, humorous people out there if you know where to look.

One of the first things I found was the National Humor Month web site of Steve Wilson. Steve Wilson is a great inspiration for humor.  He is the found of the World Laugher Tour.  The Laughter Tour’s mission is to bring health, happiness and peace through laughter. His Certified Laughter Leader Training is a program for professionals of all walks of life.  Counselors, therapists, corporation CEO’s, anyone would wants to use the positive benefits of laughter in their life. 

Another great hero of the ha-ha is Dr. Madan Kataria or Dr. K.  He is the founder of the sensational Laughter Yoga. Based in India, this giggling guru teaches us all to let our laughter fly. His laughter clubs have spread throughout the world and have been featured on several TV shows and magazines.  Laughter clubs are free for anyone to join, and if you have a lack of laughter in your life, joining with other funny folks can help you reconnect to the joy and passion of laughing for no reason at all.

Yet another fantastic place is Giggle Poetry.com.  This silly site will have you chuckling in no time. Full of poems from great writers like Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, and others, these witty rhyming romps will have you laughing and singing along.  Try the Battle Hymn of the Repulsive by Michael Bowman (sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic.)  Or try Parent-Teacher Conference by Darren Sardelli.  It will remind you of the ups and downs of school life.  (And maybe make your own job seem just a bit better.)

Check out this article for more ideas to celebrate National Humor Month.  The time is upon you to find your fun.  Get out there and laugh your butt off!

Picture by American Toycoon


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I love the Blues Brothers movie.  It’s a classic that I watch over and over again. The entire movie is so fun and makes you want to get up and dance.  One of my favorite scenes is when they go the music store to buy some instruments and gear.  Ray Charles starts playing the old beat-up piano to show them it still works.

It’s so fun to see all those people of different ages dancing in the street. I love all the cool dance moves like The Bird, The Fly, and The Monkey.  Plus the old standby The Twist.  I love how everyone is letting loose and having fun.  An old man in the back, some more energetic adults in the middle and little kids up front.  It really makes you want to get up and boogie!  I have a Blues Brothers music CD and whenever I hear that song I think of this scene.  It always makes me smile.

The best part is “shaking your tailfeather.”  If you want to have some real fun dancing, just wiggle your butt around like this move suggests, and you can’t help but laugh! If anyone out there knows where you can find an oldie site that shows you all those old dance moves like the Mashed Potato let me know.  I found one entry under Wikipedia for “Shake a Tailfeather,” but I’m sure video of the moves would be better.

If you get the chance you should go shake your tailfeather today.  I’m sure you’ll have fun if you do.

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Cute.Cumber by HaMeD!caL

Today see if you can relax as completely as this sweet little cucumber. Lie back, put up your feet and dream a little dream. If you can relax your body and mind this completely you know it’s been a good day.

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by StGrundy

Nature is absolutely amazing.  Not only is a there a vast array of creatures on land and sea, but the subtle variations and unique adaptations are fascinating. The new show Life on Discovery channel, Sunday night at 8pm is a captivating insight into the world around us.

From the depths of the ocean to the oldest desert in the world, life survives and thrives in the harshest environments. (I meanly really – can’t they just move?)  Take the female chameleon for example.  In the heat of the Namib desert, she turns one half of her body black to better absorb the sun and regulate her body temperature, while leaving the other half white.  Her feet are adapted to the desert sand and she has lost the prehensile tail of her tree-dwelling relatives.

by Muddy Funkster

I was entranced by the intense but hilarious antics of the Giant Bullfrog as it fights for the right to mate. With their huge fat yellow bellies and strong back legs they launch from the water into each other in big awkward leaps.  It’s clumsy and off-balance and will make you laugh, but the ferocity of their attacks will leave you no doubt who is King of the Tadpoles.

I am constantly astonished at the unusual and somewhat bizarre behavior and features found in the animal kingdom. Even though I’ve seen them a thousand times, alligators continue to captivate me with their dinosaur-like look and primitive, but highly effective body armor.  However learning that some male garter snakes put out a pheromone that mimics the female so that he can “cheat”” and have all the other smalls males warm him up by rubbing against him in the futile hope of mating.

Let’s give a round of applause to the filmmakers and the camera crews who spend their time plodding through mud, climbing mountains and waiting in the rain for that one stupendous shot.  And let’s not forget the amazing slow-motion cameras where you can actually see the skill and precision it takes for the long sticky tongue of a frog to catch its prey, or the beauty of an eagle in flight.

Check it out yourself and enjoy the mystery and fun of Life.

LIFE : Panther Chameleon : Animal Planet

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by jane_sanders

Did you know that today is Caramel Popcorn Day, World Health Day and the much-loved No Housework Day? I am especially thrilled to celebrate the 3rd one, even though this year will be the first year I’ve officially celebrated.  I mean how much more enjoyable is skipping the housework when you are actually doing it on purpose?

And it must have taken a meeting of super-geniuses to put National Humor Month and Stress Awareness Month in the same month.  April also honors several other endeavors such as Poetry Month and Keep America Beautiful Month, plus the little known International Guitar Month.  Find even more bizarre and weird holidays online at Holiday Insights.com. Perhaps a game of guitar hero to celebrate Guitar Month would be in order?

I’ve always loved the idea of finding a reason to celebrate each day. Many people talk about creating your own holiday.  I absolutely love that idea, but sometimes we get so busy we can’t even think of our own name, much less a new idea to celebrate.  Those hectic times are when we need to celebrate the most, so looking at the online calendar or joining Hoops & Yoyo for Sarcastic Wednesday is easy and fun.

I discussed International Fun at Work Day last week, which I am happy to report did raise my enthusiasm at work for the day.  I practiced smiling more, told a few jokes, listened to music, walked during my break time, and made sure I took my breaks.  The entire day was lighter, happier and more fun than normal.

That experience increased my attraction to wacky celebrations.  Even if no one else joins you, it can be a lot of fun.  For instance, Sarcastic Wednesday can be lots of fun if the other person doesn’t know what day it is.  It brings to mind childhood fun like Opposite Day, or Pig Latin Day (okay that’s not an official day, but it’s certainly fun.)

Whatever festivities you choose to honor, you can definitely find a way to add more fun and laughter to your day. If you don’t agree, let me know on April 13th when I can blame someone else for the error.

P.S.  Could there be a cooler picture for this article than Penelope Pitstop’s Compact Pussycat?  It looks even cooler in real life than in the cartoons. Leave it to the UK to have such a super-cool car show.

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Happy Easter!

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by Greg Easton Photography

Today is International Fun at Work Day!!!  Take time to celebrate. Check out PlayFair’s great ideas to have fun at work.  If you missed out on the party today – just tell them tomorrow that it’s your make-up day.  There are some more great ideas here and here. There’s lots of ideas – wear a funny shirt, have a dance competition, brighten up your desk with a funny poster, figure out nicknames for your team, or bring your pet to work (in pictures if pets aren’t allowed in the building.)

Of course most of us already know that today is April Fools Day.  Today is also the start of National Humor month.  April 1st is a great day to spring back into humor. Revitalize your laugh box, warm up your humor muscles.

If you have a serious case of Adultitis, you might want to visit Kim and Jason’s Escape Adulthood. If you don’t know what Adultitis is, it’s possible the disease has progressed to terminal seriousness.  Be sure to check out the article “The Office Guide to Adultitis.” Visit your favorites like Michael, Dwight and Stanley to see how they rate on the Adultitis meter.

Many of us plod through our days, busily trying to complete ever-higher piles of paperwork while keeping on blinders on to the sunshine and laughter of the “outside world.”  The problem is that this behavior robs us of joy, fun and creativity during half of our life!  One can’t survive long in a no-fun zone. If the stress doesn’t kill you, you’ll could become a mindless zombie who is as good as dead anyway.

Instead try to incorporate some joy and entertainment in your day. Work hard AND play hard.  Make sure to take your break time.  Turn lunch time into recess.  Visit Recess at Work to find great ideas to celebrate Recess at Work Day on June 17th.  Try to do something fun everyday.  If you have benches outside near a tree, consider putting up a bird feeder.  Buy ice cream bars for a cool afternoon snack.  Bring in fresh flowers or simply dress in all orange for the day.  (Or you could dress in all blue so that whenever anyone asks how you are you can respond “I’m feeling a little blue today.”)

Check out this article to see How Zombies Can Learn to Have Fun. Look at funny pictures at Cute Overload and Awkward Family Photos.  Use today to help keep that unspoken New Year’s resolution to “have more fun this year.”  That’s one resolution that you’ll want to keep.

For a few more ideas try these spots:

Stress less at work.

Pranks for the workplace.

101 Ways to create humor at work.

Note:  So many people find work miserable and unpleasant.  If you can have fun there, you can have fun anywhere!  Good luck!

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