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Okay, I know it was yesterday September 28th, but what are you going to do about it – kill me? Ha! Ask a question, any question. Nothing is too dumb for stupid question day. I like getting “permission” to ask silly/stupid/weird questions.

Are we having fun yet?


Am I crazy?


Does pain hurt?


Are people weird?


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I often fear letting people see the inner me. There are so many critics out there – -and I already have plenty in my own head.  I find I have many fears; looking stupid, making a mistake that could cost me – money, friendship, or an opportunity, or missing out on something better.


Recently I started drawing again.  For me that basically means copying other people’s ideas.  I have very little drawing skill yet, and I’ve done no formal training, but I love cartoons and always wanted to draw my own.  I also loving coloring just for the sake of coloring.  The colors, the rhythm of crayons or colored pencils across the paper is relaxing to me.


I find showing people my drawings fairly embarrassing.  While I might know that I’ve already progressed bit by bit into cleaner lines, others may see my attempts as immature and weak.  I know that each day I draw I get better, but when the comments begin “What exactly is that supposed to be?” I do get a bit flushed in the face.


I also like to sing and dance although I’m not very good at either.  But since I’ve been practicing letting go of my fears I’ve found that with practice those get better too.  Not that I can leave my day job in this lifetime, but at least my voice stays in tune a little better and I only fall on my butt once instead of three times.


Honestly, I wish they taught us these things in school.  Like, it’s okay to make mistakes – it means you’re learning. And you can’t be great at something if you’ve never done it before.  It takes practice, that’s all.  And why not teach us that being different is not only okay, but possibly necessary for our sanity.


Just like different have different tastes – my husband loves pumpkin pie while I prefer cherry for instance, we all have different ways of expressing ourselves. I love to read books, meditate and watch cartoons.  Friends of mine often haven’t picked up a book in years and find cartoons childish.  That’s fine, I’m not a big fan of shopping and I don’t like math.  To each their own.


All I know is when I do all those wacky, strange, crazy things I love, it makes me smile. The smile often turns into laughter.  After a few minutes, I find I feel more energized and peaceful.  These activities entertain me and break up boredom, frustration and put me in a better mood.  You can’t ask for better than that.


So next time somebody asks you why you’re being so silly, just tell them “That’s me, that’s just how I roll.”  Enjoying your passions and having as much as you can fit in your day are the best ways I know to have a satisfying life. Being yourself is totally worth it.


Here’s a few more things I love; rock collecting (crystals and fossils), ghosts and the paranormal, movie nights, visiting the library, going to the flea market, dogs, kids playing, walking in the woods and surfing the Internet.  What DO YOU LOVE?

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As you may already know, April is National Humor Month. I haven’t been feeling quite so happy myself, so I conducted a little research online.  There are loads of fun, playful, humorous people out there if you know where to look.

One of the first things I found was the National Humor Month web site of Steve Wilson. Steve Wilson is a great inspiration for humor.  He is the found of the World Laugher Tour.  The Laughter Tour’s mission is to bring health, happiness and peace through laughter. His Certified Laughter Leader Training is a program for professionals of all walks of life.  Counselors, therapists, corporation CEO’s, anyone would wants to use the positive benefits of laughter in their life. 

Another great hero of the ha-ha is Dr. Madan Kataria or Dr. K.  He is the founder of the sensational Laughter Yoga. Based in India, this giggling guru teaches us all to let our laughter fly. His laughter clubs have spread throughout the world and have been featured on several TV shows and magazines.  Laughter clubs are free for anyone to join, and if you have a lack of laughter in your life, joining with other funny folks can help you reconnect to the joy and passion of laughing for no reason at all.

Yet another fantastic place is Giggle Poetry.com.  This silly site will have you chuckling in no time. Full of poems from great writers like Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, and others, these witty rhyming romps will have you laughing and singing along.  Try the Battle Hymn of the Repulsive by Michael Bowman (sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic.)  Or try Parent-Teacher Conference by Darren Sardelli.  It will remind you of the ups and downs of school life.  (And maybe make your own job seem just a bit better.)

Check out this article for more ideas to celebrate National Humor Month.  The time is upon you to find your fun.  Get out there and laugh your butt off!

Picture by American Toycoon

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Annoyed by Jsome1

Do you find people around you rude and obnoxious? Does the store cashier ignore you to chitchat on the phone or to their coworker? Do people honk their horn for no reason, tailgate and speed through exit ramps? Do you find others are short-tempered, pushy and impatient? If so, what can you do about it?

Not much, I’m afraid. You can’t change other people. It’s true – ask any woman who married a man she thought she could “perfect.” The best solution is to treat people the way you want to be treated. Yes, it’s Pollyanna. Yes, it doesn’t work when you’re overworked and stressed out. But hopefully you’ve been taking my previous advice and doing your best to life a happy, fun, stimulating and emotionally satisfying life.

But for some quick techniques, try these tips:

  • Take a deep breath. This tip is repeated over and over on my blog because it works. If someone writes a check for a tube of toothpaste, or yells at their kids and makes them cry, there’s not much you can do to change it. So you must ask yourself – what is more important, being righteously indignant and letting your blood pressure rise along with your temper, or simply taking 5-10 calming breaths while you remind yourself that this is only a 5 minute or 10 minute part of your 24 hours today.
  • Speak up. If a coworker is taking over the meeting, your waiter is sarcastic or offensive, or your colleague is taking credit for your work, let someone know. In the meeting try saying “We’re getting off-topic here, can we go back to point #2, I’d like to go into that some more.” For the waiter or the colleague, you can choose to talk to them personally or speak to a manager or supervisor about their behavior. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  • Divert your attention. Sometimes the problem is a rude family member, an obnoxious neighbor, or even a loudly barking dog. If this is the case try to do something to take your mind off the annoyance. Go play with the kids to get away from the complainer, figure out your neighbor’s schedule and try to do your yard work when they are out, and turn up the TV or listen to your MP3 player if the dog is too noisy. It isn’t a perfect plan, but with practice it can ease your stress level and put a quick stop to the irritation you feel.
  • Look for the lesson. Yes, we’ve all heard this one, and we hate it don’t we? Why can’t we just be mad, and push them back? Well, maybe it has something to do with us. Perhaps we are worried and upset and are unconsciously giving others the “evil eye.” Maybe we’re self absorbed and they bumped into us because we weren’t paying attention. Make sure that you’re not the reason for the rudeness before you go judging the other person.
  • Exaggerate. When someone is insufferable and offensive use your imagination and go overboard. Use the old curse “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.” Imagine throwing a pie in their face, or beating them with your golf club, pulling a machine gun on them or even tossing them into a rabid zombie pit. The idea is to go so far above what your feeling of revenge is that you see the silliness in it and laugh.

Feel free to share your own tips in the comment section. (I’m sure we could all use the help.)

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Fangs that drip, and bloodshot eyes
Watch to catch a tasty prize
In sinister shadows these monsters loom
Awaiting you in twilight’s gloom


In the darkness strange things dwell
Where they are hidden you really can’t tell
And though you were looking with both eyes peeled
You couldn’t help it when you squealed



‘Cause the hand that grabbed you was furry and rough
And the voice that growled was coarse and gruff
And when those claws start to rip and tear
Hope you have on clean underwear!





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