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Smile! by .Pete.

Hello again friends and fans. When last you heard from me I believed I was home to stay, but alas, I was wrong yet again. The family emergency my husband and I were attending resurfaced when the family member returned to the hospital and needed additional care.

During all the chaos, fear, uncertainty and confusion, I seemed to have temporarily lost all the humor skills I gained over the past few years. Only after becoming completely frazzled, did my humor button seem to start working again. You know how sometimes you laugh so hard you cry? Well, sometimes you get so worn out and overwhelmed that the least little joke will having you laughing like a loon.

At first I was too tired to think clearly, and afraid that my laughter or smiling would be misunderstood as being unconcerned or uncaring. I quickly began to realize how untrue that is. In difficult and stressful times, humor and laugher is a healing balm. Not just for you, but for everyone around you. While in some serious conversations and situations it may not be appropriate, many times it helps relieve tension for everyone in the room, and puts us all at ease. A shared joke or smile lets people feel bonded together, and brings a levity needed for discussion of sensitive subjects.

Now as I finally find time to write this, I recognize how much a good sense of humor helps you. It can make you’re every day life a lot of fun and get rid of minor irritations, but in a serious situation it can be a lifeline to a calm and peaceful frame of mind. Whenever I have shared a smile or a laugh with others, it has lightened the mood and been an enjoyable event for all concerned. It dissolves tension and promotes comfort. Even a simple a thing as reading a funny email, seeing a silly commercial, or sharing a joke with a friend can bring a few minutes of comfort and joy.

I hope that everyone reading today will recognize the truth of this. Humor is a great healer, especially when done with consideration and caring. Sharing a laugh, a smile and a common bond can benefit everyone involved in a stressful and upsetting circumstances. It can bring new perspectives and solutions, and help you see beyond the current crisis. It allows us all to admit that we are not perfect, and our imperfection is funny. It encourages sharing of embarrassing or uncomfortable topics, which is usually precisely what needs to be discussed.

For ideas on how to get started adding more humor to your day click on my article “Increase your fun,” at the top of the page for some ideas to help you increase your sense of humor now, so you’ll be ready for the next crisis that hits you.


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