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Okay, I know it was yesterday September 28th, but what are you going to do about it – kill me? Ha! Ask a question, any question. Nothing is too dumb for stupid question day. I like getting “permission” to ask silly/stupid/weird questions.

Are we having fun yet?


Am I crazy?


Does pain hurt?


Are people weird?


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by twm1340

Fun with Food.  Okay, so I was like totally tired, overworked and mentally exhausted at lunch today.  So what did I do?  First I closed my eyes and willed myself to relax and take a few deep breaths.  Then I started eating.  It was kind of boring; a roast beef sandwhich and some grapes.  I had a lot of grapes.  So of course, I started playing with them. 


Grape Toss.  First I tried to toss a few and catch them in my mouth.  Man is that hard to do!  I kept missing.  They were bouncing off my cheek and going down my shirt.  It was hilarious.  Then I noticed that I could see my reflection in the candy machine.  I used my reflection to judge distance, but still couldn’t get it right.  Then I practiced moving the in one smooth motion from the container into my mouth.  After a few practice runs, I did it halfway and tossed it the rest of the way.  Success!  I stopped on that high note.  (Well, it was that or have the people passing by in the hallway notice what I was up to.)


So next I put a bunch of grapes on my paper towel to see how many letters of the alphabet I could shape them into.  That was fun, but not giggle-worthy like the grape toss.  I squished one in my hand just to see what would happen.  (It just dripped some juice and got a little messy – no squirting across the room or anything.)  Finally I hit upon a great idea.  Grape dodgeball!  Sure – line up 2 sides of players.  Use a slighter bigger grape to be the ball.  Using a man from Team 1, hit it toward a player on Team 2.  If it hits them, that player is eaten!  Keep going until all team members have been taken out.  I accidentally ate the ball and not the player on the first game.  But on game 2, Team 2 was Victorious.  (Which is a good thing, because I think Team 1 won game 1, but I ran out of time to play the tie-breaker game).


I think that was one of the most fun lunch times I’ve had in quite a while.  I wonder what suprises tomorrow’s lunch might hold?

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by jane_sanders

Did you know that today is Caramel Popcorn Day, World Health Day and the much-loved No Housework Day? I am especially thrilled to celebrate the 3rd one, even though this year will be the first year I’ve officially celebrated.  I mean how much more enjoyable is skipping the housework when you are actually doing it on purpose?

And it must have taken a meeting of super-geniuses to put National Humor Month and Stress Awareness Month in the same month.  April also honors several other endeavors such as Poetry Month and Keep America Beautiful Month, plus the little known International Guitar Month.  Find even more bizarre and weird holidays online at Holiday Insights.com. Perhaps a game of guitar hero to celebrate Guitar Month would be in order?

I’ve always loved the idea of finding a reason to celebrate each day. Many people talk about creating your own holiday.  I absolutely love that idea, but sometimes we get so busy we can’t even think of our own name, much less a new idea to celebrate.  Those hectic times are when we need to celebrate the most, so looking at the online calendar or joining Hoops & Yoyo for Sarcastic Wednesday is easy and fun.

I discussed International Fun at Work Day last week, which I am happy to report did raise my enthusiasm at work for the day.  I practiced smiling more, told a few jokes, listened to music, walked during my break time, and made sure I took my breaks.  The entire day was lighter, happier and more fun than normal.

That experience increased my attraction to wacky celebrations.  Even if no one else joins you, it can be a lot of fun.  For instance, Sarcastic Wednesday can be lots of fun if the other person doesn’t know what day it is.  It brings to mind childhood fun like Opposite Day, or Pig Latin Day (okay that’s not an official day, but it’s certainly fun.)

Whatever festivities you choose to honor, you can definitely find a way to add more fun and laughter to your day. If you don’t agree, let me know on April 13th when I can blame someone else for the error.

P.S.  Could there be a cooler picture for this article than Penelope Pitstop’s Compact Pussycat?  It looks even cooler in real life than in the cartoons. Leave it to the UK to have such a super-cool car show.

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Zany Fun!


Sometimes we just need to have some weird and wacky fun. That useless nonsense that gives us a boost of happiness and some giggles too.  So where do you turn for hilarity and unabashed silliness?  Here are a few of my favorite places:

Hoops and Yoyo – this website is totally outstanding.  The characters are cute, funny and colorful – a winning combination.  With tiny, squeaky little voices and a wacky diversity of subjects, they’ll have you rolling on the floor laughing in no time.  They have great printable calendars, screensavers, and free e-cards too.

Dr. Seuss – who can resist, the master of rhyme, the super-great writer, who gets better with time?  Fun and carefree, with no agenda but fun, for all that and more, Dr. Seuss is the one!  Don’t miss Theodore’s birthday on March 2nd.

Maxine – whether young or old, no can resist this cranky crabby lady.  Abrupt and to the point, she’ll tickle your funny bone as she points out the good and bad news of growing old and lessons of life.

Roald Dahl. A scrumdiddlyumptious writer with the best whizzcracking stories you’ve ever heard!  With great books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and the BFG (Big Friendly Giant), Dahl has an imagination and a vocabulary like no one else.  Don’t miss The Twits, George’s Marvelous Medicine, and the short, but great tale – The Enormous Crocodile.

The Office – for any cubicle dweller in a big corporation, this hit TV show presses your buttons in just the right way.  Hilarious and over-the-top.  Character parodies that can feel a little too realistic.  :0)

Animals. Visit The Daily Puppy and Cute Overload to get your fill of those cuddly, fuzzy bundles of cuteness.  Better yet, visit a shelter and play with a lonely pet, or play a game of catch with your own.

Spongebob Squarepants. This MUST be one of the best cartoons ever invented.  Something about that squeaky-shoed, manically-giggling yellow square of a sponge is totally captivating.  Along with the stingy Mr. Crabs, the grouchy and talent-less Squidward, the confused pink starfish Patrick and of course our favorite demented dictator-in-training Plankton, this cast will have you borrowing nieces, nephews and grandkids just for an excuse to watch.

Other favorites include:

Princess Bride movie

All things Disney

Weird Al songs

3rd Rock from the Sun tv show (reruns)

Calvin & Hobbes cartoons

Let your hair down and have some fun.  It’s good for the soul, good for your mind, and you’ll feel better too.  Add a little humor and laughter to every day. Comment below and let me know what some of your favorite fun places and things are.  As Tigger would say – TTFN!  Ta-ta for now.  :0)

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